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How to Play in English - Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable: A PSP Must Play

What's this? One of my favourite PSP games that is sadly only available in Japanese, finally playable in the English language? Welcome back to THE SITH ARCHIVES OF DARTH FANDOM, and today I will be discussing how to play Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable's English version. I would just like to thank Zenade, creator of the Tech Demo site and blog. He really was a massive help with this translation, but other than that, I have no idea what to right for an intro, so let's get right into it.

Step 1. Make sure you have an EDF2 Portable ROM

I'm not going to show you how to get an EDF2 Portable ROM. Go find out yourself.

Step 2. Download PPSSPP emulator for PC

Pretty simple, just click this link, extract to a folder of your choice and boom, you have the emulator.

Step 3. Set up PPSSPP

Once you've extracted the emulator, open PPSSPPWindows64.exe and this will install any last necessary files or folders. If you want, you can play around with some of the other settings as well, but only if you know what you're doing.

Step 4. Download HxD Hex Editor

Click this link, install and you've got your own hex editor up and running.

Step 5. Find your US EDF2.DAT file

Open your EDF2 ISO file (I would recommend using 7Zip), enter "PSP_GAME" folder, then "USRDIR", then "data" and finally "usa" folder. Here you should find a file "EDF2.DAT". Extract it and move on to the next step.

Step 6. Download VFS extractor and extract the .DAT

Click this link and extract its files to "
C:\VFS". Rename "VFSôWèJ" to "VFS" and move your extracted "EDF2.DAT" file to "C:\VFS". Drap and drop "EDF2.DAT" onto "VFS.bat" and you should see a cmd window pop up. After a few seconds, a folder should have appeared in "C:\VFS" called "EDF2".

Step 7. Sort the folders

In your EDF2 folder, find "MISSION016", "MISSION053" and "MISSION055" folders and delete them. Rename "_MISSION16", "_MISSION053" and "_MISSION055" to 
"MISSION016", "MISSION053" and "MISSION055", respectively. Delete the "MISSION044B" folder. Go back to where you extracted PPSSPP, enter the "memstick" folder and create a new folder called "EDF2 PORTABLE". Move the "GAMESEQUENCE" folder from "EDF2" into the "EDF2 PORTABLE" folder, and then create a new folder in "EDF2 PORTABLE" called "MISSION". From here, move all the "MISSION001"-"MISSION999" folders into "MISSION". Also create a folder called "WEAPON" in "EDF2 PORTABLE" and copy the "WEAPONCOMMENTLIST.VFS" file from "C:\VFS\EDF2\WEAPON" to "[PPSSPP folder]\memstick\EDF2 PORTABLE\WEAPON".

Step 8. Sort the last few files

Open HxD, select "File" and then "New". Make sure the box on the left of "Windows (ANSI)" reads "8". If not, select "8" from the dropdown list. Type in the number "0" until there are 8 dots (........) under "Decoded text". Save this file to "
[PPSSPP folder]\memstick\EDF2 PORTABLE\GAMESEQUENCE" as "MissionCommentList0.Vfs". Go back to the "[PPSSPP folder]\memstick\EDF2 PORTABLE\GAMESEQUENCE" and copy the "MissionCommentList0.Vfs" file 5 times, renaming the copies to "MissionCommentList1.Vfs", "MissionCommentList2.Vfs", "MissionCommentList3.Vfs", "MissionCommentList4.Vfs" and "MissionCommentListText.Vfs", respectively.

Step 9. Final setup

Open PPSSPPWindows64.exe and press "Load...". From here, find your EDF2 Portable ROM and open it. As the game is opening, press the Esc key and select "Cheats". Click on "Edit cheat file" and copy and paste the following text:


_L 0x20141B24 0x27A4FE00

_L 0x20141B40 0x0A200400

_L 0x20141B4C 0x8E040004

_L 0x20141DC0 0x34020000

_L 0x20001000 0x27BDFE00

_L 0x20001004 0x3C050880

_L 0x20001008 0x34A51038

_L 0x2000100C 0x0E24516C

_L 0x20001010 0x02203025

_L 0x20001014 0x02002025

_L 0x20001018 0x0E250730

_L 0x2000101C 0x27A50000

_L 0x20001020 0x10400003

_L 0x20001024 0x27BD0200

_L 0x20001028 0x0A250728

_L 0x2000102C 0x34020001

_L 0x20001030 0x0A2506D2

_L 0x20001038 0x6D746166

_L 0x2000103C 0x2F3A3073

_L 0x20001040 0x32464445

_L 0x20001044 0x524F5020

_L 0x20001048 0x4C424154

_L 0x2000104C 0x73252F45

_L 0x20001050 0x00000000

Save the file, press "Back" and then "Continue". After the "NOW LOADING" text disappears, press these keys using your preferred controller/keyboard: Circle, type in your name, START, Circle, DPAD-Left, Circle, Circle, Circle and then START. You should be at the main menu. Press the Esc key, select "Cheats", tick the "ENGLISH MISSION TEXT CODE" box, press "Back", press "Continue", press Circle, Circle, Circle, START, START, DPAD-Down, DPAD-Left, Circle. Press Circle again and your briefing should be English!

This was a bit of a rushed post, but I hope it's useful, and again, great thanks to Zenade. Well, that's a wrap on THE SITH ARCHIVES OF DARTH FANDOM!

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